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BC-1: A Revolution in EEG

BC-1 provides the tools to deploy high-quality EEG at the point-of-care.

Deploy EEG
anytime, anywhere

BC-1 brings EEG to new places

Expertise Goes Further

BrainCapture’s cloud provides a centralized platform where neurological expertise is able to diagnose and treat patients from across a wide geography 

BrainCapture BC-1 App connected to the Electrode Cap

Easy to Use and Integrate

Non-specialist healthcare professionals are able to collect high-quality EEG data after only a short training, providing seamless adoption at hospital level

Medical Professionals installing an electrode cap on a patient

Powerful Software and Cloud Tools

BC-1’s portability and connectivity, paired with the automation of the standard EEG exam in BrainCapture’s app, make it a great fit for a wide range of healthcare facilities

BrainCapture EEG Analysis in Cloud Platform

Why BC-1?

The (BC-1) device has a high level of usability and is easy to use for non-EEG-skilled persons. Based on our experience with testing BrainCapture, the equipment is highly recommendable for clinical use…

Dr. Sándor Beniczky

Prof. Clinical Neurophysiology at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Since I started to see this equipment (BC-1) do EEG recordings I’ve felt this will really help fill in the gap in terms of access to testing… the way the process of recording is can help to improve accessibility to patients and I think this is really where this device can help most.

Dr. Jules Fidele Nshimiyimana

Consultant Neurologist

BC-1 has had a great impact as we get to analyse our patient and find out the underlying condition… we are able to diagnose and manage appropriately to get the right regime for our patients


Clinical Nurse, Nairobi, Kenya

More than 3 Billion people worldwide are living with a neurological condition


Neurological disorders are the #1 cause of disability and the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide


people have Epilepsy, the world’s most common brain disease (WHO Data)

1 in 10

Over 1 in 10 people will have a seizure  at some point in their life

BC-1 brings expert diagnosis to the patient at the point-of-care.

Fast to Learn, Easy to Use

BrainCapture's application automates data collection so that existing healthcare workers, such as nurses, are able to collect high-quality EEG recordings after just a short training

BrainCapture Mobile App

No Borders

BrainCapture's centralized reading and cloud system, paired with the BC-1 system's portability and Bluetooth connected hardware, enables EEG as a service, extending the reach of neurological expertise and making EEG accessible to vast new markets

Test Conducted at facility
EEG Data Sent to Cloudr
EEG Data is interpreted by diagnostician
Report is shared with facility / Doctor to determine treatment
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